Eliminate Pain & Achieve Peak Performance


I help people move from pain to performance. My goal is to: 1) help you get out of pain so you're able to enjoy your daily life and all the activities you love to do and 2) give you the information and knowledge in order to help you fix yourself outside of the clinic. I strive to educate my clients about their bodies and their current issues by providing you with the understanding of why you have pain and how your body is functioning. Knowing how you got to the point you're at is crucial to your recovery. 

I specialize in treating athletes, first responders and active individuals of all capabilities and skill levels. My passion is to help people move more efficiently and improve their quality of life. Utilizing a combination of movement assessments, functional neurology, gait analysis, NeuroKinetic Therapy, corrective strategies, and the proper utilization of other tools as well, I have created a place where pain is eliminated and performance is maximized. 

I use what I call Performance Neuro Training, which is a process that equips you with tools developed from the latest neurological research so you can create the outcomes you desire. Check out My Tool Box in the "About" Dropdown Menu above for more details on all of the tools I have in my tool box to help you. Performance Neuro Training can be used to produce numerous positive outcomes. Check out the Slide Show below to see what it can do for you!


I challenge your body through strength, conditioning, coordination, balance, athleticism and play - while also challenging your brain! I use the body’s various systems; vision, hearing, breathing, muscles and nerves, to help improve brain function and to help you reach your goals faster than ever before.  I understand that everyone’s body and goals are different and I take special care to make sure you are training in a way that is most suitable for you and provides the best results for your body. 

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