About Claudia

Certified NeuroKinetic Therapist

Functional Movement Coach

Manual Movement Therapist

Licensed Massage Therapist

Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach 

Precision Nutrition Certified Coach

Health & Wellness Coach

Breathing Coach

Life Coach

Movement is the lens through which I connect with, educate, and empower my clients.  My approach to healthcare is movement-based, my background is sports medicine, and my goal is to get you back in the game - ASAP.  "Never Stop Learning" is my motto!  I love pursuing continued education/training and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge over years of education integrated with my personal experiences. By reflecting on what soft tissue manual therapy and functional strength training has given me personally in my life, I discovered my passion: to help others in their pursuit of a good life, using my expertise on human movement as my vehicle for doing so. I take a unique, personalized approach to each individual who walks through my door. Life should be lived in motion. I'm here to help you breathe better, move better, and feel better so you can keep doing the things you love to do. I enjoy working with people of all fitness levels and bring my enthusiasm for an active lifestyle to my practice and the relationship I develop with my clients. I will become your partner and supporter in achieving your goals, no matter where you begin. I will help you improve the breathing, stability, and mobility needed to keep moving and meet the challenge to better performance in the activities you enjoy. I can appreciate the challenges of living an active lifestyle as I have been a dancer, gymnast, and exercise enthusiast since age 2. I have competed in gymnastics, been apart of a salsa dance performance team and I regularly maintain my fitness level on a daily basis. With a good depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, I would love to be an invaluable part of your health and wellness team!


My mission is to get my clients out of pain and back to doing the things they love as quickly as possible. Using the latest techniques in soft tissue manual therapy, I get to the root cause of the symptoms, a critical step in preventing future recurrence. I focus on improving breathing, stabilization, and movement in my clients to decrease pain, prevent injuries, and give a competitive edge in sports.  I am very passionate about helping my clients solve their areas of discomfort and pain. I believe that education is a big part of your success to healing and I aim to always have my clients understand their body. 

Core Values

I have a strong passion for helping people discover their full potential to live healthier and happier lives, and I believe that movement plays a very vital role in that endeavor. It allows us to build the resiliency and strength to go out into the world and enjoy it to the fullest extent. And that is why I am so passionate about movement; it's part of who I am at my core. Living a movement-rich, active, playful lifestyle allows me to live in sync with my core values:

  • Foundation - My foundation is my Faith and my Family. Jesus and my family are my life. Spending time with my family is so important to me. By having faith in Jesus and by following Him, my business & life have flourished in ways I never thought possible and I'm so grateful for that. 
  • Love - Loving others and spreading kindness is at the heart of my business and is my ultimate goal. 
  • Integrity - The quality of being honest, truthful, and staying in unity with all those I serve is of utmost importance to me. 
  • Growth - If I'm not growing, stretching myself, and developing then that means I'm choosing to not improve and that's just not okay with me. Learning and improving every day is something that I'm very passionate about. This is my biggest strength and also my biggest weakness. I can get lost in learning for hours & hours and easily lose track of time because I'm just having so much fun learning. Constantly pushing to grow and improve physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually allows me to be my best self, which in turn allows me to serve others better. 
  • Humor - I love smiling and laughing. I truly believe that laughing is the best medicine for the heart. It definitely brings so much joy to my heart. Those of you who already know me know that I am almost always smiling or laughing. It's just the way I love to live my life. If I can make you smile or laugh then that means I can bring a small piece of joy into your heart and that is what I'm all about - spreading love, kindness, and joy.  
  • Service - Last but certainly not least, serving and helping others is the whole reason why I'm here and why I have my own business. Serving and helping others in all areas of my life, not just in business, is very important to me. I'm constantly looking for new ways to serve, which really explains my obsession with learning now that I reflect on it. The more I learn the more I can better serve others. 


Co-Creative Framework

This therapeutic collaboration is built upon a foundation of education, owning responsibility, and encouraging curious exploration. Considerable effort and commitment is required to create change. Self-care is a priority and necessity, not a luxury, with this framework. While there are no guarantees, if this framework is followed and beneficial to you, you should experience some kind of significant or noticeable change within 6 sessions. My clients see amazing results within 6 sessions because they are: COACHABLE and COMMITTED. This is really important. There is a time commitment as you will have homework exercises to do on your own at home as a part of your self care treatment plan. I will design a specialized program specific to your exact needs but your results are a direct reflection of your hard work and dedication to getting better. The key to each client's success is their dedication and commitment to their prescribed homework.

Looking For The Root Cause of Pain, Not Just Treating Symptoms

Instead of looking to just ease your symptoms, I look for the cause of your pain. This is key to longer lasting results. Many people believe they have no choice but to just “live with it” when it comes to body pain and discomfort. I want to show you another way.   I believe that:

  • Client Education is key.  Basic education on health, wellness, and movement should be free. Like/Follow me on Facebook for access to the free content that I post weekly.
  • Transformation is a result of teaching, guidance, training, implementation, repetition, and consistency. Clients are responsible for their self care and their results are a direct reflection of their commitment to their self care and prescribed homework.
  • Things should be as simple as possible, without losing accuracy. 
  • Building a solid foundation is key. Sometimes, especially in rehab, you have to regress to progress. Taking it back to basics helps to accelerate your rehab. 

I designed my business to create and serve a like-minded community; a community open to anyone who wants to improve their movement capacity and overall ability to stay healthy and perform at a high level. I've dedicated my life to mastering my understanding of human movement and serving others. The integrated nature of us as humans is fascinating and having a great understanding of this has huge implications in the world of health and performance. Combining different philosophies and disciplines from the worlds of biomechanics, functional anatomy, functional neurology, and pain science helps to paint a more complete picture in the process of healing and building strength and resiliency. I maintain these values through providing:

  • Education - I want to provide accurate, science-based, effective, and practical information in order to help educate others. Through my own pursuits to further my understanding of human movement, I want to share my insights. I want to provide well-resourced guidance to simple, effective, science-based training and self-care.
  • Community - It can be surprisingly difficult to find a place where you feel like you really connect with others. Part of what makes any of us truly successful is to be a part of a community that we love, trust, and want to contribute to. This is what makes us so strong as a human race. We need to embrace, uplift, and support each other to be our strongest selves.
  • Professional Services - I'm in the trenches everyday applying, testing, tweaking, and fine-tuning my theories and techniques in order to provide the best training and therapy services possible. My professional services are constantly evolving as I continue to gain new insights. However, I try to never deviate too far from tried and true methodologies. Simple and effective is always the goal.


How is your Movement Therapy different than other facilities?
I don't just jump in and use soft tissue manual therapy (massage) to treat the site of pain. Instead, I investigate to find the cause of your pain and then I treat accordingly. Without a good assessment, you leave your results to chance. I am a firm believe in Asses, Treat, Re-Asses to verify that the treatment is appropriate and working. My progressive therapeutic sessions are individualized for the client, so you won't be handed a scroll of exercises as a therapist walks away from you. You get undivided attention for the entire session.

Will I get treated in my Initial Session?

Absolutely! We are going to go over a detailed health history together. We will do numerous assessments that will become our markers of change. Assess. Treat. Assess. Rinse and Repeat.

What support materials are you given after treatment?
As your rehab specialist, I will provide you with a detailed email after each visit to ensure you can be proactive about your home care. Unlike traditional rehabilitation programs, I don't just evaluate the site of pain. I spend a full hour performing global movement assessments and treatments to uncover the root causes of your discomfort.

Do I need to do anything between sessions? 

Yes! This is what I mean when I say owning responsibility. 99% of your recovery is happening in your day to day living experience. Our collaboration is going to pack as much as possible into that 1%, but you will need to practice self-care unique to your experience to escalate your progression. We will go over your prescribed homework together and then it will be sent in your Homework email as well.

Do you accept Insurance? 

I don’t accept insurance directly, though I will happily provide you with an invoice in the style of your choosing for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. My work is generally accepted by health savings accounts and many health insurance carriers who cover massage therapy (performed by a massage therapist). Sometimes a prescription from a physician is required to get massage therapy covered by insurance. 

Who do you work with?

My practice is a relaxed, respectful, non-judgmental space for anyone and everyone committed to prioritizing their health and well-being. All ages and abilities are welcome. Pain and movement inefficiencies are non-discriminatory and so is my approach.

What are you? Physical Therapist? Massage Therapist? Coach? 

I am a loving, caring person with a load of Alphabet Soup initials after my name.  I’m a Certified NeuroKinetic Therapist, Functional Movement Coach, Manual Movement Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Health & Wellness Coach and Breathing Coach with thousands of hours studying functional neurology, kinesiology, breathing biomechanics, pain science, neuroscience, the human body, human movement, and positive psychology. The easiest way to encompass all of that is to go by "The Movement Mechanic."

What to expect

I help people get out of pain so they can get back to doing the things they love!

Unique Multidisciplinary Integrated Approach

My specialized movement therapy sessions focus primarily on two areas: pain/injury resolution and sports performance enhancement.  My mission is to eliminate pain, to optimize movement & performance, and to support the physical and emotional wellness of my clients through the integrated use of advanced motor control therapies, precise soft tissue work, movement re-education, corrective breathing training, and nutrition coaching support so you can get back to doing the things you love!  No human body is exactly the same, so for that reason, no painful condition should be approached in the same manner.  As a licensed & certified multidisciplinary therapist/coach with a background in Pain Science, NeuroScience & Sports Medicine, I have the unique ability to use more tools to help you; thus, my integrated approach.  Check out the TOOL BOX drop down menu to see all the different tools I have in my tool box to help you reach your goals! This is a compelling combination of natural (no drugs or surgery) means of treating the human body.  It combines client education, pain science, neuroscience, sports medicine, manual movement therapy, functional movement training, strength training, mindset coaching and nutrition to fit the unique needs of each person to enhance your performance.  I have special training to restore function to injured clients so they can get moving again as soon as possible. I utilize pain science, neuroscience and sports medicine in all my sessions to help you get better & faster results.

Injury Prevention to Lengthen Careers

I assess your movement, find your strengths/weaknesses, and work with you to minimize your risk of injury and balance your overall performance.  Everyone should treat their body like an athlete's body. Most people, athlete or not, perform repetitive tasks day-in-and-day-out, putting daily wear and tear on your body.  And much like an athlete, on the job injuries can prove tragic for your career.  No matter what you do in life, you must maintain your body to sustain long-term performance. I am able to use the same movement assessment techniques that I use on serious athletes to help people in all walks in life stretch their physical limits, prevent injuries, and strengthen the weaknesses that would otherwise haunt them as they grow older - thus lengthening careers. 

Customized Treatment Programs

Athletes vary in size, muscle structure, training, nutrition regimen, sports, position, strengths, weaknesses, history and in goals. I factor in all those variables and create a customized treatment plan that ensures your optimal function as an individual and gear you towards reaching your goals. There's an immense gap between being healed from an injury and operating at 100%. Most seek care to achieve the first stage of care (pain relief) and then quit. Just being healed from an injury does not make you 100%. In fact, it predisposes you to re-injury and decreases your performance on multiple levels. Pain relief should not be your end goal. Returning you to full strength or stronger is our primary objective in helping you return from injury. The ability to move faster, be stronger, last longer, and focus on goals is not only the difference between average and greatness, but also a short and a long-term career. I can assess your current level of physical ability, customize your treatment plan, and design a strategic plan that quantifies your specific patterns and training regimen, while providing specific performance support.  


  • Certificate of Completion in NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 2 Seminar with Dr. Eric Nelson
  • Certified Level 1 NeuroKinetic Therapist
  • Certificate of Completion in NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 Seminar with Dr. Eric Nelson
  • Functional Neurology with Dr. Erik Reis, Dr. Michael Lovich, and Dr. Kolby Condos
  • The Neuroscience of Movement Marcel Daane, Continuing Education Provider for the American Council on Exercise, IDEA International Fitness Presenter, and Fitness Innovator and Entrepreneur 
  • SFMA and Movement with Dr. Kyle Kiesel, Dr. Brooke Kalanick, and Joe Dowdell of Peak Performance Gym
  • SFMA and Movement Assessment with Dr. Mike Voight, PT and Co-Creator of The Selective Functional Movement Assessment
  • The Psychology of Competition with The Positive Performance Co.
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy for Pain Relief with Dr. Perry and David Weinstock
  • Alpha Training, Train your Brainwaves to Perform at a Peak Level with Dr. Hardt
  • Neurological Training for Strength and Muscle Gain with Adam Miller, former top collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Jacques Taylor, Expert Strength Coach
  • Resistance Training as an exit plan to rehab with Dan John, Strength Coach
  • The 5 Steps of Behavioral Change with Tony Cates, MBA
  • Corrective Exercise Dosage & Selection with Guido Van Ryssegem ATC
  • Strength and Conditioning Benefits for Aches and Pains with Dr. Cody Dimak
  • Squats: A Movement Before An Exercise with Dr. Aaron Horschig DPT (Squat University)
  • How to Prevent Lower Non-Trauma Athletic Injuries by Training Biofeedback with Dr. Kolby Condos DC
  • Personal Training Strategies with Stephane Cazeault
  • Runner's Knee & Meniscus Tear Rehab "Looking for the sniper" with Dr. Davis Koh DPT, who has traveled with Olympic teams and treated professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. 
  • Muscle Activation and the Nervous System with Greg Roskopf, the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques
  • Optimizing Your Training and Recovery - Exercise Physiology and the Nervous System with Dr. Chad Waterbury
  • Optimizing Sleep for Sharper Performance with Dr. W. Chris Winter, Neurologist and Sleep Specialist
  • Physical Preparation, Conditioning, and Recovery for Elite Athletes with Corey Peacock, PhD
  • Training Movement Before Strength with Cory Schlesinger, Sports Performance Coach for Stanford Basketball
  • The Neuroscience of Food Addiction with Dr. Nick Avena
  • Exercise Selection to Improve Performance with Andy O'Brien, Pittsburg Penguins Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Dynamic Injury Prevention and Movement Optimization with Dr. Tommy John, Sports Performance Specialist and Chiropractor
  • NBA Performance Training and Tissue Optimization with Chris Chase, Director of Performance for the Memphis Grizzlies
  • Food Intolerances and Athletic Performance with Dr. Pastore
  • Functional Anatomy with Dr. Andreo Spina
  • Ultimate Athleticism with Max Shank
  • The Role of the Gut in Health and Pain Relief with Dr. Brooke Kalanick 
  • Coaching Techniques with Rob Taylor
  • Program Design and Creating Effective Workouts with Joe Dowdell, CSCS, PT
  • New Rules of Posture with Mary Bond, Structural Integration Practitioner 
  • Movement and Shoulders with Dr. Mike Reinold
  • Better Movement with Todd Hargrove
  • Corrective Exercise and the Art of Coaching with Dr. Perry
  • Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman
  • Precision Nutrition with Dr. John Berardi
  • The Hips and Pelvis in Training with Mike Robertson
  • Stress Less: How Manipulating Your Stress Response Can Get The Most Out Of Your Training with Dr. Dwayne Jackson
  • Using Food As A Therapeutic Tool And Hormone Manipulation In Sports with Victoria Felkar, Researcher, Practitioner, and Educator
  • Pain and Movement with Dr. Perry Nickelston
  • The FMS & The Functional Capacity Screen with Gray Cook
  • Healthy Knees with Dan Pope, DPT
  • Ending Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain By Strengthening The Feet with Tim Bransdon, Founder of The Running Lab
  • The Role of Muscle Strengthening in Exercise Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis with The Senior Rehab Project
  • Nutrition Essentials with Dr. Mike Roussell
  • Improve Running Efficiency with Dr. Chris Garcia and Dr. Marissa Rescott
  • Sports Massage with George Kousaleoes
  • Must-Haves for Kids in Sports with Dr. Chris Garcia, Dr. Stephanie Garcia, Dr. Nick Schroeder, and Dr. Marissa Rescott
  • Kids in Sports with Growing Pains with Dr. Chris Garcia
  • Why You Develop Pain with Dr. Chris Garcia
  • Studied Advanced Sports Massage and Flexibility Training
  • Studied Muscle Energy Techniques and working with Athletes
  • Studied Thai Massage Advanced Techniques with Robert Gardner
  • Active Engagement Techniques with Whitney Lowe, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional
  • TMJ Training with Dr. Rand Redfern from the Mayo Clinic
  • Massage License awarded by the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA)
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy from Everest College Colorado Springs
  • Certificate of Completion in Thai Massage awarded by Meera Hoffman, NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider- provider #969, 12/2016, 16 hrs
  • Certificate of Completion in Thai Massage awarded by Meera Hoffman, NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider- provider #969, 9/2016, 16 hrs