Claudia Berolo

The Movement Mechanic

Claudia provides services in a variety of formats from interactive lectures to one-on-one coaching, hands-on workshops and in-service training.



Speak at Your Event

Claudia has experience in teaching others of all ages. She loves teaching about health, wellness, mental training, breathing, and movement. She can create a presentation that meets your needs.

  • Interactive Lectures & Hands-on Workshops

Work with Your Team/Organization

Claudia can work with teams and organizations in many different ways—depending on needs, timeframe and format. See below for a structure that best fits your requirements.

  • In-Service Training
  • Program Integration
  • Biomechanics Consultation 

One-on-One Sessions

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a program, a coach or trainer needing programming or simply someone looking to live a healthier, happier and pain free lifestyle, Claudia can help. See below for a structure that best fits your needs.

  • Movement Therapy
  • Coaching

Speak at Your Event

Interactive Lectures & Hands-on Workshops

When lecturing on the practical application of her training techniques, Claudia makes her presentations interactive to keep the audience engaged and enhance their ability to assimilate the material. During her hands-on workshops, Claudia’s goal is not only to energize and motivate participants but to ensure that everyone walks away “owning” the info they learned—immediately able to put it into practice. She accomplishes this through a format that provides the opportunity to personally experience, coach and question each exercise. Her goal is to ensure that everyone leaves her presentations with actionable knowledge they can put into practice in the context of their own careers and lives—and the motivation to do so.

Speaking/Presentation Topics include:

  • Breathing 101 Workshop: Breathing Training to Master Your Breath
  • Breathing 102 Workshop: Movement Training to Master Your Movement with Your Breath
  • Train Your Breathing, Change Your Game
  • Breathing Biomechanics: The Super Power to Manage Stress & Relieve Pain
  • The Too-Often Overlooked Key to Enhanced Performance & Recovery: Breathing
  • Breathe Better to Move Better & Feel Better in Sports Performance and Life
  • Recover Smarter for Better Performance
  • Enhance Performance and Prevent Pain
  • Integrating Breathing, Mobility & Mindfulness into Strength & Conditioning Programs:
    Why & How
  • The Importance of Mental Training
  • Achieving Peak Performance: Pre, During and Post Competition Routines
  • Getting out of Your Comfort Zone for Massive Growth

Work with Your Team/Organization

In-Service Training

Looking for a customized training for your team, organization or facility staff? Claudia can create a course specific to your needs/context of your work in any of the topics relative to her expertise: breathing biomechanics, mobility (warm up, cool down and program integration), best practices for movement therapies in sport, mindfulness, mental training, recovery strategies, stress relief, addressing areas of the body (hips, shoulder girdle, etc.) or particular issues, like back pain, etc.

Program Integration

With a growing emphasis on the importance of breathing, mobility, mindfulness and recovery as part of a well-rounded strength and conditioning program, Claudia is able to work with coaches, trainers and athletes on effective integration of these techniques into individual and team programs. Claudia can help you determine what, where and how to put these elements into practice, including, as needed, the creation of deliverables such as exercise instruction videos, nutrition handouts, practice and game day routines to enhance performance, etc.

Biomechanics Consultation

Biomechanics in sports can be defined as the muscular, joint, and skeletal actions of the body during the execution of a given task, skill, and/or technique. This applies to the workplace as workers generally perform a specific repetitive task for 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. This is a significant amount of time potentially performing dysfunctional movement patters that can lead to chronic pain and injuries. Claudia can help you identify any faulty movement patterns and ways to correct theses to enhance your employees' work environment for optimal employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall wellness. 

One-on-One Sessions

Movement Therapy

From youth athletes to adult athletes, Claudia has experience in helping people of all ages get out of pain and back to doing the things they love. Her Movement Therapy Sessions have a proven track record with a high level of client satisfaction. Continue reading below to learn more about Claudia's unique and custom tailored Movement Therapy Sessions and Recovery Program. These sessions are available in person only.


Claudia can create and coach you through a program to meet your needs, including: Mobility, Corrective Exercise, Pain Relief, Mindfulness Techniques, Recovery, Stress Mitigation, Mental Training, etc. For athletes, programming can be formatted for off-season, in-season, pre-season and integrated into overall strength & conditioning programs. These sessions are available in person or online, whichever best fits your needs.

Movement Therapy Sessions

Claudia works with her one-on-one clients by providing Movement Therapy Sessions to help them get out of pain and back to doing the things they love! Claudia's Movement Therapy Sessions combine Soft Tissue Manual Therapy and Functional Movement Training and often resemble physical therapy more than traditional massage therapy. The sessions are intended for clients looking to resolve a specific issue, including but not limited to: chronic pain, injury, postural dysfunction, and immobility. Her Movement Therapy Sessions combine a variety of tools to customize your treatment session based on your specific needs. She also utilizes specific muscle testing procedures to identify any muscle imbalances that may be present.  With this information, she will then be able to determine which muscles are neurologically overactive (which will need to be treated with soft tissue manual therapy) and which muscles are inhibited (which will need to be activated with specific exercises).  Homework will be prescribed to reinforce the changes made during your treatment session. Faulty movement patterns can take roughly 300 repetitions to develop and roughly 3000 repetitions to correct. For this reason, it is crucial to your recovery that you do your homework as prescribed. These movements will incorporate all of the concepts integral to a speedy recovery. Please go to the TOOL BOX Dropdown menu to scroll through and learn about the different tools used in Claudia's Movement Therapy Sessions. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Claudia’s availability for one-on-one sessions in person and online is limited. Scheduling in advance and prepayment are required in order to book an appointment. Please note that by purchasing these services, all sales are final and no refunds will be given. If a session needs to be rescheduled, please provide at least a 7 day notice.  Tips are not expected or accepted. The prices listed are all inclusive.