Everyone has the potential to do great things. The problem is that not everyone has the tools to unlock this potential and make it a reality.  My passion lies in giving athletes the mental tools that will allow them to compete at the highest level possible and achieve their dreams. I believe that by focusing on the process, the outcome will take care of itself.  While working with your athlete, we will discuss various ways of breaking through their mental barriers that include visualization, self talk, breathing and mindset training among others.

The Process:

  • Evaluate personal strengths and areas for potential growth
  • An environment of continual support and accountability
  • Explore and develop strategies to tackle mental and performance obstacles 
  • Increase awareness of and knowledge about thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Tailor techniques/tools to meet individual or team goals
  • Develop a personal foundation and toolkit of skills to better navigate obstacles, challenges, and competition. 

A Culture of Accountability & Self-Ownership

One-on-One Coaching

I specialize in working with athletes of all ages and abilities in a variety of sports that are struggling with confidence, self-doubt and other mental challenges. I work with athletes of all abilities to help them overcome their mental barriers that are preventing them from reaching their true potential.  In person or remotely, I will give your athlete the tools to be break down these barriers to become a better athlete and reach their potential in their sport and in life.

Team and Parent Workshops

I offer workshops and presentations to teams, parents, and coaches to help build better team culture and positive environment so that athletes can consistently perform at their best. I am available for workshops and/or season long training for program integration. Tools that can be used to reach peak performance include: Breathing Training and Routines for Pre-Practice, During Practice, & After Practice as well as Pre-Games, During Games, & After Games.

A Letter from an Olympian

Courtney Thompson | Olympic Silver Medalist London ‘12 | Professional Volleyball Player


"Dear Coach, 

As a professional and Olympic athlete, I know first hand how important consistency in competition really is. I play all over the world, against all different competitors, in different gyms, even sometimes with different rules. Some days I feel good physically, other days I don’t. Sometimes my team is in rhythm, sometimes we aren’t. Competition brings a ton of variables. You know this well I'm sure, which is one of the reasons you are here. But one thing I’ve learned is that consistent preparation brings about consistent results. The best athletes in the world don't WAIT for great performances to come to them, they train themselves to seek them out. That’s why I am proud to support Positive Performance’s mission to bring their training tools to 1 million athletes in the next 5 years. We ALL need help in preparing our minds with the same dedication and commitment that we spend on our bodies. With these tools that I use myself, I know you can create the routines for pre, during, and post-competition that will help you to become a Master Competitor. Get Some!"  

Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach