Movement Therapy


My Movement Therapy Sessions combine Soft Tissue Manual Therapy and Functional Strength Training and often resemble physical therapy more than traditional massage therapy. The sessions are intended for clients looking to resolve a specific issue, including but not limited to: chronic pain, injury, postural dysfunction, and immobility. My Movement Therapy Sessions combine a variety of tools to customize your treatment session based on your specific needs. I also utilize specific muscle testing procedures to identify any muscle imbalances that may be present.  With this information, I will then be able to determine which muscles are neurologically overactive (which will need to be treated with soft tissue manual therapy) and which muscles are inhibited (which will need to be activated with specific exercises).  Homework will be prescribed to reinforce the changes made during your treatment session. Faulty movement patterns can take roughly 300 repetitions to develop and roughly 3000 repetitions to correct. For this reason, it is crucial to your recovery that you do your homework as prescribed. These movements will incorporate all of the concepts integral to a speedy recovery. Please go to the "Tools Used" Dropdown menu to scroll through and learn about the different tools used in my Movement Therapy Sessions. 


Tips are not expected or accepted. The price listed is all inclusive!