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About a year ago I suffered a significant back injury. After extensive medication, physical therapy, and a personal trainer the situation was looking grim. Finally, I accepted the fact that I would always be an individual who struggled with daily pain. One day, I came across Claudia’s Facebook page. I wondered if a massage from Claudia would provide any relief. I had no idea what I was in for! My massages with Claudia have been truly LIFE CHANGING! Her talent knows no bounds! I am truly blown away by the way she was able to make my chronic pain disappear. Back pain is now a thing of the past thanks to this talented young lady.

-Laura Owens

Claudia Berolo’s work with my daughter, Raina, was phenomenal. Raina came in with knee pain issues and Claudia put her on a progressive, individualized plan that was effective and doable. Raina responded well to Claudia’s kind care and even did her homework that Claudia researched and prepared for her. Very impressive experience and will use her whenever we have a need! Raina is able to continue with her basketball and isn’t having pain after her 6 week program. Thank you Claudia!!!

-Marcie Kiser

I love how Claudia makes you feel relaxed and is very knowledgeable on how the body is wired. She takes the time to explain what she’s doing and released all the tension that I didn’t even know I had. I highly recommend Claudia Berolo! I’m an avid hiker and am very active and I started getting sharp pains in my knees while doing any kind of activity. Claudia was able to diagnose exactly what was going on and gave me exercises to strengthen certain muscles to take the tension off my knees. She was a God send, my knees have zero pain!! If you’re having any kind of pain, give Claudia a call, you won’t regret it!

-April Allen

I highly recommend Claudia! I have never had this type of massage before but now I am a believer. My neck and shoulder muscles were so knotted up I could barely turn my head. A friend recommended I try this. Claudia got me in that evening yet and the massage felt wonderful! My neck muscles finally started to relax. My headache disappeared right away, neck mobility also improved right away and now I can turn my head with out any pain. Give it a try and find out for yourself!

-Deb Callahan 

I was blown away by the extensive knowledge and professionalism Claudia demonstrated during my visit. I am not new to massage therapy and tend to have high expectations. Claudia exceeded my expectations on the first visit!! I am not an easy patient at all, I have scoliosis, a bulging disc in my neck, and I'm an extremely active runner/ exercise enthusiast. Basically she had her work cut out for her with me and she was AMAZING!! I would recommend her to anyone wanting massage therapy. My son struggles with neck pain and I trusted Claudia with him too!! He said he had the best nights sleep he has had in a long time after he saw her for his neck.

-Tiffany Vejil

Claudia was wonderful! I've never had a this type of massage and I wasn't sure what to expect. I've heard it's great for lower back pain, which I have plenty of! She did an amazing job! I could literally feel my hips and back releasing as she was working on certain spots. I feel so much better and will definitely continue seeing her! Thanks Claudia!

-Elise Pusbach

Claudia is a gem! She has an expert's technique and a true passion for her craft. Her professional and cheerful personality really sets her above the "gold standard" in the massage therapy industry.

-Vivienne Kelly

BEST 90 minute massage EVER!! Being a mom of a special needs child can have its stressors and Claudia was able to just melt them away. I slept like a baby and didn't have the aches and pains I usually have upon waking. Thank you Claudia. I haven't slept so good in years!

-Leslie Velazquez

I have had back surgery but still suffer from back pain from strenuous exercising and some sciatica. My session was 2 hours and well worth it. My body has felt improved the next day. You can always tell when you first get out of bed.

-Charley Dickey

For years it has been my goal to get a massage once a month for self-care and injury prevention. So so grateful for Claudia to make this goal a reality! She has expertise and skill that I have not seen in many other massage therapists. I appreciate the ease of scheduling, the fact that she comes to my home, and that Hard Knot Life is economical so that both myself and my partner can enjoy a massage once a month without a strain on our wallets. Her sweet nature is simply the cherry on top. Highly recommend! Will be a long term customer!

-Hannah Heckerson 

I have had regular massages for a few years and was a little skeptical about Thai massage but after Claudia finished I am hooked I have never felt better. I highly recommend Claudia and Thai massage!

-Cindy Kufeld

I booked appointments for my husband and I. Both if us were used to a much rougher Thai massage, think someone standing on you, while she did not do that she knocked it out of the park. Claudia hit trigger points, stretched the muscles that needed it and relaxed me at the same time. Definitely keeping her in mind next time I'm in Colorado.

-Carissa Sabellico

Claudia thank you so much for the amazing massage. I have not had any miserable migraines in a month. I will be back next month.

-Nikki Scott

Went on Thursday and was very pleased with the massage. Excellent job!

-Diane Molaka

Claudia was absolutely amazing. I just returned from a deployment and was in need of a really good deep tissue massage. My expectations were far exceeded. I highly recommend a massage with Claudia to anyone wanting an excellent massage!

-John McKenna

Claudia is very knowledgeable in her field and does a fantastic job. I feel really great after my deep tissue massage! 

-Michael Young

Being my first time getting a massage, Claudia was amazing. She made sure I felt comfortable and continued to make sure the amount of pressure was just right for me. She really relieved a lot of the tension in my shoulders and neck. Well worth it.

-Jennifer Aldrich

Thank you for the amazing Thai massage! Your hands are magic! I cannot wait until my next one.

-Mark Rachel Riley

I came to Claudia with really tense, achy muscles and walked out a new person! Seriously 99% of my pain was gone and I couldn't be happier! She has been the best experience I have ever had with massage and I look forward to having another! Thank you Claudia!

-Ashley Phoung

Claudia did a fantastic job!!! The deep tissue massage was exactly what I needed especially after long work hours and those tiring gym sessions. I feel so much better after the massage and my muscle feel more relaxed now too. Thanks Claudia I recommend her to anybody and everybody!

-Visith Penn Phoung

I have never gotten a massage before and Claudia was amazing! She made sure I was comfortable the whole time, adjusted pressure to meet my body's needs, and would answer any and every question I had. She is great at what she does! I highly recommend for anyone who is on the fence about it to call her and give it a try!

-Christina Johnson

Claudia is amazing! I went to see her when I was about five weeks post-partum. During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with SPD, a separation of the pubic bones. I was still having a significant amount of pelvic and low back pain, making movement difficult. Claudia was great at listening to my areas of concern and planning my massage accordingly. She was really knowledgeable about different massage techniques that might benefit me most. By the end of the massage I felt relaxed.

-Megan Hightower

Claudia was definitely AMAZING!!! With history of lower back pain and degenerative joint disorder, Claudia spent a lot more time on my lower back decreasing my knots, aches and pains.... after my session I felt refreshed... her work space was welcoming, calming and clean and comfortable... I definitely recommend friends and family!!! Thanks again Claudia!! 

-Liz LG

Claudia is probably the sweetest person I've met. She took the time to go over exactly what I was hoping to accomplish with our session, and I left feeling refreshed and relaxed! Watch out world, this lady has talent! 

-Jennifer Rivera

Claudia was absolutely incredible! She was friendly and welcoming from the start, which only continued throughout my visit. She took care throughout to pay attention to areas I noted that were tight or needed to be worked on. I left with my muscle tension released and overall very relaxed. I would definitely recommend Claudia to anyone!

-Emily O'Connor

This young lady is awesome, very professional, and knowledgeable. I think she has found her calling as a massage therapist!

-Adan Vejil

Wow! I have seen Claudia twice now and I'm impressed. I was hesitant because she is recently licensed but she proved me wrong! She was able to do deep pressure as well as stretching that relieved some problem areas for me. I can't wait to go back and I will be a regular client for sure! 

-Dianne Schell

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