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Things To Know

Mission & Vision

My mission is to get my clients out of pain and back to their lives as quickly as possible. Using the latest techniques in soft tissue manual therapy, I get to the root cause of the symptoms, a critical step in preventing future recurrence. I focus on improving breathing, stabilization, and movement in my clients to decrease pain, prevent injuries, and give a competitive edge in sports. My vision is to EMPOWER my clients to to live life to its fullest potential, EDUCATE about health and wellness, and EQUIP to maintain health and well-being. 


  1. Basic education on movement and health should be free.
  2. Transformation is a result of teaching, training, and repetition.
  3. Things should be as simple as possible, without losing accuracy.
  4. Building a solid foundation is key. Sometimes, especially in rehab, you have to regress to progress. Taking it back to basics helps to accelerate your rehab. 

Giving Back

I absolutely love giving back to my community. I constantly look for ways to donate my time to offer free soft tissue manual therapy, functional strength training, and educational seminars as often as possible. I have volunteered hundreds of hours providing free soft tissue manual therapy to fine tune my craft while I was in massage school.  I was able to help a lot of people get out of pain while I was still in school. Today, I continue to help people get out of pain and truly enjoy volunteering my time in my community. 

Giving Back to my Community

I'm very blessed to be able to serve my community. I have donated my time & services to the following organizations: